Open Gym Info

Open Gym

CrossFit 460 offers an Open Gym during regular business hours. We realize that some athletes would like to spend extra time working on their weaknesses, building strength, or focusing on a skill that they normally don’t have time to address during our scheduled group fitness time. Open Gym is included with your Unlimited Membership. If you have a Limited Membership, an Open Gym visit will count towards your weekly limit. Please read the following policies we have around our Open Gym offering:

  1. The space allowed for Open Gym activities is designated by the area with the 4 Rogue Power Racks.
  2. Our regularly scheduled group fitness class will ALWAYS have priority over the Open Gym area and equipment, if the space/equipment is needed.
  3. Respect other athletes that may be using the Open Gym area. If possible, share the space and equipment.
  4. Clean up after yourself. You are responsible for putting equipment back to its home and leaving the Open Gym area looking better than how you found it.
  5. Please speak with a coach when you come in to take advantage of our Open Gym and let us know what you are working on for your session.
  6. The priority of our coaches during regularly scheduled group fitness times is the athletes participating in group fitness. Please do not expect instruction from our coaches during this time.

Updated 8/12/2016: Due to the large class size at 4:30pm, Open Gym will no longer be available during the 4:30pm class.

Updated 10/1/2015: As a reminder, our Open Gym hours are only available when the open gym space is not needed for any of our scheduled classes (CrossFit, Strength, Mobility, etc). It is extremely important to limit your space to one platform, especially during our busiest hours (4:30pm – 7:30pm). If your workout plans require additional space (rowers, MU rings, wall space for WBS or HSPU, etc.), you must attend Open Gym hours other than 4:30pm through 7:30pm as we simply cannot accommodate using this additional equipment at this time.