Kids’ Corner

Yes, we have a Kids’ Corner!

It’s enclosed, has a TV, Wii U, Netflix, iPad, books, toys and is next to a bathroom.

We offer the Kids’ Corner play area as a benefit to our members. In order to keep this a clean and safe area for all of your children, please remember the following rules:

  1. Parents must sign Kids’ Corner waiver before bringing your children into the play area. Waivers available at front desk.
  2. The play area is unattended at all times. Ensure that your kids are old enough to be left unattended before using. Old enough means they will stay in the room, exit only to go to the bathroom or get some water, and understand the rules.
  3. Water only, no food or snacks.
  4. Children should never be on the matted floor during a class.
  5. Your child should stay in the play area at all times during class time. This is for your child’s safety. If your child should happen to leave the play area, please stop your workout to tend to your child.
  6. You must remain on the premises while your child is in the play area. We understand that we may send you out to run during a class, but please remain in the building otherwise.
  7. Please clean up after your child, before you leave for the day. Please put away toys, wipe down walls and furniture if they have been used, etc. Attentiveness to cleaning up after your child insures the play area is ready for the next group.
  8. If your child misbehaves, doesn’t listen, is a nuisance, or poses a danger to himself or others then you will be asked to remove them and leave class early.